We, at ZipyCare, believe that technology must be leveraged to bring better healthcare to our communities. We provide a new and efficient way for doctors to connect with their patients.

We bring a whole new model of disease management and telemedicine that is easy to use, convenient, cost effective and safe.

Born in Michigan, the FDA registered Zipy software platform connects to many medical devices like blood pressure monitors, glucometers, weight scales, and many others. With the use of this technology, we provide visibility to doctors that is needed to better manage conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure to name a few. This leads to decreased hospitalization costs and improved outcomes. With our HIPAA compliant tele-video portal, doctors can connect with their patients via smartphones, tablets, or computers. With our geolocation technology, we can track and optimize logistics for in-field personnel who can assist the doctor to remotely examine the patient.

We believe that every patient deserves quality care that is patient-centered and cost effective.

We welcome you to contact us for information.